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Monday, August 1, 2011

$51 Groupon 1-Day Durian Trip, Desaru

One of my "Multiply" friends, Pauline had helped to coordinate the trip.  She had helped us to buy the 1-Day tour package from Groupon.

Itinerary as follow:
0615 Assemble at Hotel Grand Central at 0600 am
0730 Immigration Clearance via 2nd Link
0830 Breakfast at Local Coffee Shop - own expenses
0900 Depart for Desaru, Ostrict Farm
1100 Touring of Desaru, Ostrict Farm
1200 Durian Buffet at Desaru Fruit Farm (Bee Hoon, Curry Chicken, Tropical Fruit)
1300 Honey Bee Presentation
1400 Proceed to Jusco Jaya For Shopping
1530 Shopping at Jaya Jusco
1715 Proceed to Local restaurant for Chinese Sit Down Dinner
1930 Proceed back to Singapore via 2nd Link
2100 Arrival at Singapore

Hubby drove me to Hotel Grand Central which was the assembly point for our tour.  I was the first one to reach.  Shortly after, my friend Sam came and she called Pauline who had not reached yet.  To our shock, Pauline just woke up at 6am but she told us she would rush over.  Haha.... She managed to reach the assembly point at 6.30am.  Luckily, the driver agreed to wait for her although the coach was supposed to depart at 6.15am.  However, as Pauline rushed to take cab, she sprained her ankle.  Her ankle got more swollen at the later part of the day.
Traffic was very smooth.  After clearing the immigration, our first stop was at a local coffee shop.  We ordered some dim sum to share but the food was disappointing.  Pauline's other groups of friends ordered prata which seemed better.
Sam, Me and Pauline....
After breakfast, we headed towards Sungei Rengit for the Ostrich Farm.  This is not new to me as I had been to the farm with my family before.  This time round was my third visit.
The male ostrich trying to attract attention of the female ostrich.
 Mating in progress.....
 Me and the friendly and "not camera-shy" ostrich

 Demo on opening the Ostrich Egg.  Yes, we need a hand drill here.
 Equivalent to about 20 normal chicken eggs

 Ostrich loves to eat the sand, which is said to help them to digest.
 This bird cost RM 900!!

Next stop: Desaru Fruit Farm

Dragon Fruit Plant

 Bua Long Long Drink
 Didn't know there is a mini zoo at the plantation too.

After the tour, there was a bee talk in an air-con room.  We didn't buy any honey because it was quite expensive at about RM 75 a bottle.

Finally, the long-awaited durian buffet lunch...
Beehoon and curry chicken were served too as part of the lunch package.

Fried Bread Fruit
Every table had a plate of durian.  Of course, we could help ourselves to more durians if we want to.  It was really a durian buffet!!

 We were given around 1 and a half hour to shop at Jusco.  Nothing much to buy...  JCO for tea-break.

 Dinner at JB Jumbo

Overall, I think this trip was a good deal.  :)


The Dead Cockroach said...

OMG! Durian feast!!!

But the animals looked so poor thing!

Eileen. 静 said...

lucky u got to see the ostriches in action :P

seems like a good deal at $51 !