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Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr Curry @ The Central

There was a heritage food festival at Clarke Quay Read Bridge. However, we past by all the food stalls and nothing really interest us. Thus, we went back to The Central for our dinner. Walked past some Japanese restaurants, including Waraku. However, we just had Waraku at The Heeren a week ago so I told hubby to try other restaurants. We were attracted by Mr Curry's restaurant decor and we decided to give it a try.

Once we sat down, I realized that the plates and serviettes got Waruku's name printed on them. So, Mr Curry is also a subsidiary of Waraku. We ordered 4 dishes and 2 drinks but our table was quite small. When the staff served the dishes to us, she didn't ask us and assumed that I ordered the ramen and gave my hubby the omelette rice. When she realized I was the one having the omelette rice, she didn't bother to help us arrange the dishes properly and correctly. Poor us, we got to arrange back the dishes nicely on our own :( This spoilt our mood for this dining experience from the very start.

Hubby ordered Seafood Curry Ramen. Think it didn't taste very good.

I ordered the chef's recommendation, Omelette Rice with Clams. It was quite a disappointment. The omelette was so thin and I didn't enjoy it at all.

We paid $49.95 for this very unsatisfying meal.

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