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Sunday, August 28, 2011

NATAS Fair 2011

Hubby and I went to Natas Fair at the Singapore Expo yesterday, hoping to get some good travel deals.  We had our lunch first at "Yummy Chopsticks" at Expo before going to the exhibition halls. 
The fried rice photo in the menu looked so appetizing and it tempted me to order their fried rice.  I saw this fried rice on almost every other tables too.  However, it tasted like those fried rice designed for kids, with lots of mixed vegetables which I didn't really like.
Mango and Shrimp pancakes
The flattened shrimps could be found in between the mango and the skin of the pancake.
Crispy Tofu
I liked these big fried wanton with tofu inside but the bottom part of the skin was very oily.
Xiao Long Bao
Definitely cannot be compared with those restaurant type of standard.  The skin was thick and inside was not juicy.
After lunch, we bought the admission tickets at the mastercard counter whereby we could get a $1 off per ticket.  Thus, we paid $7 for two which was later refunded back to us by the travel agency after we bought the package from them.
We signed up for 8 Days Yunnan Shangri-la Deluxe tour package with CTC.  This is the fourth time that I took up China tour package with CTC.  The staff who served us was really helpful and very service-oriented.  We got the dates that we wanted and signed the package with him without going to the other tour agencies to do comparison.
Looking forward to the trip in December!!

Yummy Chopsticks
Singapore EXPO, #01-41, Hall 4 Atrium

Operating Hours:
11am to 10pm

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