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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fruit Paradise @ Bedok Mall

I had a meet-up with my Secondary School buddies after my family gathering at my aunt's place on New Year Day.  At around 4pm, the newly-opened Bedok Mall was rather crowded and many people were still queuing  up for seats outside the many restaurants in the mall.  We just wanted to find a nice place for some cakes and desserts, and it seemed that Fruit Paradise was the only option we had, other than Starbucks Cafe. 

Fruit Paradise offers fruit tarts made with lightly sweetened cream topped with fresh fruits and the tarts are free from unhealthy additives and preservatives.  Not too bad a choice to start of the year with something a bit more healthy.  :)
We queued for a short while before we got our seats.  Although there were 5 of us but one of our friends was late.  As such, we took up a table for 4 first, hoping the couple next to us would be done by the time our friend reached and we could combine their table to ours.  We ordered 2 slices of cakes to share first.

Chocolate Banana ($6.80)
The only complaint we had for this was we felt that the slice was too small!  
 Mixed Fruit Tart ($7.80)
We liked this better, with all the different types of fruits blended well with the fresh cream and tart.
 We ordered 2 pots of fresh fruit tea - lychee ($8.90 each) to share and the tea had a really very nice fruity flavour,  All of us loved this fruity tea and we even finished the fruits in the pot, which still retained their flavour.
When our friend arrived, she ordered another mango cake and her own drink.  She managed to squeeze into our table of 4 as the couple hadn't left when she arrived.  We still managed to have our catch-up session comfortably in the fully-occupied restaurant.  The restaurant was not very big and other than fruit tarts, they also served Japanese main courses  

Fruit Paradise
Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road
#B1-39, Singapore 467360

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