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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Refuel Cafe @ Bedok Reservoir Road

I have not really visited many cafes in Singapore as many of them are located quite far from where I am staying and are not very accessible.  I am glad that recently, there are a few cafes making their way into the heartland of Singapore and being an Easterner, I will like to explore some of the cafes in Bedok and Changi area first.  As it was the start of the holiday for me yesterday ie no need to report to work, I decided to make a trip to Bedok Reservoir on my own to have my brunch at Refuel Cafe.
 Refuel Cafe is located at this block.
 Located below the void deck.

 The cafe was not really very big and the seats were almost all filled up by lunch-time.  I saw a few parents bringing their children who were dressed in school uniform (probably they just took their PSLE results) to have their meal here.

 All prices shown on the menu are the Nett prices.  The cafe doesn't charge GST and Service Charge.
 I ordered a small cup of Latte ($4.50).
 Interesting design of the magazine rack.
 As the cafe has the theme of petrol station, you can find "props" like the barrels below, signages related to petrol kiosks here.
The cafe served All-Day breakfast and I ordered their recommended "Full Tank" aka "Big Breakfast" 
which had bratwurst, bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toast, tomatoes, potatoes & salad all served on one plate.  ($13.90)  Of course, I loved the mushrooms best and followed by the lightly toasted bread which was soft.  The scrambled eggs was too creamy for my like as I prefer it to have a bit more texture.

After my meal, I spent some time walking around the neighbourhood.  Near to the cafe, there is this birds shop that caught my eyes.  Do check it out if you are around the area.

Refuel Cafe
Blk 744, Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3029,
Singapore 470744
Tel : 6448 0015
Operating hours:
Mon - Sun: 11am to 10pm
(Closed on Tues)

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