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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nanta (Cookin') @ Esplanade Theatre

There is no food post here but oh well, just like to share with you a recent performance which is quite related to food - "Nanta (Cookin')" that I went with my family.  Aunt got free tickets to the performance as the hotel that she is working for is one of the sponsors for this show.  We got to watch this Korean performance for free!  Cat 1 tickets, original priced at $98 per ticket.  :)
 Before the show started...
There is lots of interaction between the performers and the audience.  It was really a fun and entertaining performance, suitable for all people from young to old! 
After the performance, we joined in the queue to take photos with the casts.  I wore a Korean styled top on that day :) 
Yay!  We managed to take photos with the casts after the performance :)


Have fun with us!! said...


Popped by to say hi!

I went for the same show some years back. Luv it!

Korean drama/plays are good!I went for another one last year, forgotten the name, but it was about prisoners breaking out from jail. Very entertaining also!

Miso said...


Thanks for dropping by! :) Lucky I didn't missed this great show!