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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch at Basil Inn/ City Hall & Former Supreme Court Open House

17 Oct (Sunday): The two iconic buildings which were symbolic of Singapore’s nationhood – City Hall and former Supreme Court – will be transformed into the new National Art Gallery. Before they will be transformed, there was an open house of these two buildings over the last two weekends.

Before heading to the open house, my parents and brother came to fetch me.  I suggested going to "The Basil Inn" at Downtown East for lunch first as my family like to eat Thai food and it is nearby.  It was pretty crowded and service was super slow.  We had to take our own utensils as the staff was too busy to serve us.  We ordered five dishes.                            
Green Curry (Chicken)
This was quite spicy and I advised my mum not to take it as she got a sore throat
Fried Rice
Minced Meat Omelette
Prawn Cakes with Thai sweet sauce (Recommended!)
Reached the former Supreme Court.  As the guided tours were all fully booked, we took the brochure and explored the place on our own.
First, we went to the "Court of Appeal"

Rotunda Library
This rotunda library used to hold the law library.  When the collection outgrew the circular space, the library was moved to the City Hall building and this room was converted to a police post!

Chief Justice's Chambers
The Y-shaped table is the only one in the building.
On the bookshelves, we saw the emblems featuring arms of the Inns of Court.

Next, we moved on to "Courtroom 1"
This is one of the four original courtrooms in the former Supreme Court.

We went to the FSC balcony to take more photos before going to the City Hall building.  I think Singapore is getting more and more beautiful.  Do you agree?

City Hall Building
Special Exhibition
Award-winning photos 
It is really amazing! 

City Hall Chambers
-  Used as a meeting room by the then Municipal Commisioners to discuss Singapore's development during the colonial age and hosting of official functions. 


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