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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi-Tea Buffet @ Chihuly Lounge, Ritz-Carlton

High-Tea Session with my Multiply friends 
At the entrance of the Ritz-Carlton hotel
I took this photo at the entrance as the 2 hotel staffs opened the door for me.
Can see Marina Bay Sands from here.
Chihuly Lounge is named after a famed American glass artist Dale Chihuly.  The yellow sculptural glassworks were done by him.  You can find another of his glasswork collection in Singapore at the Resort World.
As you entered the louge, you will find the dessert bar on the left side.  By the way, strangely there is no reception counter here.  When I reached here at around 2.30pm, the lounge was quite empty.  However, "Greenhouse" at the opposite side was already swarming with guests.
Table Setting
As there were 7 of us, we were assigned to the sofa seats next to the glass window.  The sofa was comfy but the table was too low for us.
Milk, Heart-shaped Sugar and Lemon
Honey too...

Pretty teapots
I ordered Granny's Garden, a type of fruit tea.

My friend ordered Iced Passionfruit Tea and she told us that the ice were actually frozen tea.  I ordered this as well after I was almost done with my pot of hot tea.

Salmon in tomato buns... Yummy!

The desserts.....
"Watermelon" cakes.  Nice to look at but non of us tried this because we got a feeling that it will be too sweet for us.  We tried most of the other desserts and they were all very sweet which we all didn't really like.

This was one of the very few desserts that we liked.

Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock
Not sure why they put this photo but it spoiled our appetite... Haha...

The chef didn't know that music bars should have 5 lines... Nah.. I am not particular about this.  The taste is more important.
Towards the end of our tea-session, a male waiter served us a tray of vodka.
Me and Hazel
Group photo

- Weekend Afternoon Tea buffet from 2:30 - 5 p.m., available on Saturday and Sunday
- $46++ per adult (inclusive of free-flow of freshly brewed and decaffeinated coffee and a selection of teas)


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing ritz carlton high tea.

it will be great if u can list the price for the buffet.



Miso said...

Hi, the high-tea buffet cost $46++. There is a 10% discount if you pay by UOB/DBS credit card.

bookjunkie said...

Love the ambience at the Ritz :) Looks like a fun time too.