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Friday, August 13, 2010

2D1N Malacca/ KL/ JB (Part II)

We reached KL around 5pm and we went to check into our hotel first.  After checked in, we rested for a while before making our way to the KL Twin Towers.  It is within walking distance from our hotel, Micasa. 

Inside KLCC
We had decided to have a sumptuous dinner at San Francisco Restaurant... craving for steak!  Hmm...
The menu shows the following... the different parts of the cow for the different types of steaks
Wild mushroom soup
Baked Escargots in Herb Sauce
Hubby ordered the most expensive steak in the restaurant - The Wagyu Steak! 
(RM 168 for 200g)
I ordered the T-Bone steak 450g!!  The portion was huge and it made me looked like a real glutton in front of hubby and our friends. 
(RM 55)
Medium Rare.  Lovely!  I think it was done just right although it looked quite "bloody" :P
<3 <3 <3
Didn't know there is a Toy'rus in KLCC.  Was telling my hubby that I want to buy this bear from Toy Story 3 after watching the movie.  However, the soft toy looked very dirty (Deliberate? - If you had seen the movie, you will know why) and thus, I just took a photo with it without buying it back.
Night falls.....
Fountain at the front of KLCC

KL Tower
Our bedroom... So comfy..  Our friend booked a 2 bedroom suite and it comes with a kitchen.  However, we didn't really make good use of the kitchen as we were not prepared to cook here.
The next day, we went to Sungai Wang for lunch.  Our friend recommended this HK restaurant - U-Village.
Iced coffee - Refillable
The roasted char siew was fantastic!
HK oyster sauce noodle... Not too dry like those that I had in Hong Kong, not bad.
Fried wantons.  I wanted to order fried dumplings but we were quite early and their dumplings were not ready yet.  :(
Wanton (Again!) Soup
Yummy Thick Peanut Toast
We could find this restaurant when we were inside the shopping centre.  But our friends remembered that it was situated next to a road and thus, we walked out of the restaurant and went one big round around the rim of the shopping centre before we could finally find it.
After lunch, we went to the electronic complex opposite and then to KL Pavilion for some (window) shopping.

Dinner, we ate at Johor Bahru - Restoran Pekin, a Chinese Seafood Restaurant.
Herbal Chicken
Fried Prawns
Sambal Fish
We reached the causeway at around 9pm and we could catch a glimpse of fireworks (National Day) from Singapore.

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