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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen @ Century Square

Our first visit to Popeyes at Century Square when it just opened was not a pleasant one. Both hubby and I found the meat far too dry and tough, and at that time, we wondered why there were so many positive feedbacks about Popeyes. We also have friends who would travel to the airport just to have "Popeyes" fried chicken.

Yesterday, we booked a show at Shaw (Century Square)at 7.05pm. We reached the place only at around 6.45pm. Thus, we decided to try out Popeyes again as we were rushing for time. This time, we were more satisfied with the chicken. Yes, it was definitely less oily than KFC and it was also quite crispy. Glad that the quality of the chicken has improved since it first opened.
 2-piece chicken with biscuit
Strawberry jam comes along with the set
Fries (Up-sized)
After rushing through our meal at Popeyes, we managed to catch the movie "Dectective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame" on time.  It was really quite a good show.  Do catch it if you have not done so.  The 2-hr movie is very fast paced and there are a few twists towards the end.
The character that I like most in this movie is Jing'er (Li Bing Bing), think Li Bing Bing really have the X-factor to bring out the character in this role.


Eileen. 静 said...

for some strange reason, only the popeye at airport and flyer is nice.. I tried the one at toa payoh and found it lacking in taste and the biscuit was very dry. Even my friends thought so too.. they also ate at the AMK outlet..same thing.. not nice. So best to only eat at airport and flyer :)

stargirl said...

the sides taste nicer at their changi airport outlet imo (: