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Sunday, September 2, 2012

83 cents for Peking Duck? Only at Spring Court Restaurant (咏春园)

This was our first time here at 咏春园.  It is a cantonese restaurant, established since 1929,  My mum suggested this place to celebrate my dad's birthday.  Even although we had made a reservation at 1pm, we still got to wait till around 1.20pm to get a seat.  At 1.30pm, there was still a very long queue at the restaurant.
Right at the entrance of the restaurant, you will find this "popiah" counter whereby this lady will prepare the popiah for take-away or dine-in. 
While queueing outside the restaurant, waiting for a seat, I took a few photos of her making the popiah.

We ordered chrysanthemum tea and the staff were very attentive.  They would help to refill your cup regularly.
To celebrate their 83th anniversary, you can get a Peking Duck for only 83 cents if you spend at least $83.  This is a joint promotion with DBS card so you got to pay your bill with DBS card to enjoy the offer.
We ordered 2 rolls of popiah, one with chilli, the other one without chilli for our parents. 

The 83 cents peking duck!

For the duck meat, you can have it take-away.  We had it served with noodles, at a cost of $12.
Dear Dad, Happy Birthday to you!!!!  <3>


FoodieFC said...

wow!! Thats so cheap! 83 cents. Is it the whole duck or half a duck?

Thanks for sharing this! any idea when the promo ends?

Miso said...

It is whole duck. It is on-going throughout the year I think. Last year, it cost 82 cents as they celebrated their 82th anniversary. So if you go next year, I guess it will cost 84 cents! Haha...

FoodieFC said...

wa whole year! Even if its 84 cents nxt year, its so value for money.