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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pancakes (Western vs Japanese)

Hubby on duty today but I still woke up early so that I could have a proper breakfast to start the day :) I had my breakfast at "Superdog" in White Sands Shopping Centre. Decided to try something different and I ordered their Banana Walnut Pancake set.  Yup, "Superdog" offers pancakes too, not just sausages and bacon.  This was definitely a very right choice!  I was quite surprised that their pancakes are so good (thick and fluffy, with some crushed nuts).  The breakfast set consists of 2 pancakes with a choice of flavoured tea.  All for only $4 which I think is more value-for-money than MacDonalds.  This is definitely a good alternative to MacDonald pancakes breakfast set which really pales in comparison.
 Tampines Central is now booming with more and more popular fastfood joints.  From Popeyes to Wendy's.  I wanted to try out "Wendy's" but as it is newly opened, the queue was very long and I changed my mind.  I went to Tampines 1 Manpuku for lunch.  Pancakes again, but in Japanese style.
Botejyu stall
Pork Okos at $7
Very nice pattern created with mayonaise.  The pork slices were so thin that you could hardly see or taste them.  The cabbages were crunchy though.
Do you like pancakes?  Which types of pancakes do you prefer and any other recommendation for good pancakes?


Charlene said...

i love pancakes too! try strictly pancakes along prinsep street :) my post is not up yet though :P

Anonymous said...

Don't eat at McDonald's. They put so much preservatives in their food. Don't believe me? Watch this video on Youtube, McDonald - The Truth,

I prefer French toast over pancakes, but if I can eat pancakes, I will get 2 small dollar-sized pancakes with some fresh fruits on the side and some REAL maple syrup.

1. The banana pancakes don't look good. They look like they are made someone's kitchen. Restaurants usually mash the banana, instead of slicing them.

2. Some Japanese creations are pretty nasty. Food with too much mayonnaise is not yucky.


Miso said...

Charlene: Will read your post when it is up! :)

j: I like the crunchy taste of the crushed walnuts in the banana pancake. Oh well, it is the nearest place near my home where I can enjoy pancakes... so no complaint :P

Might be heading down somewhere further to try out some better quality pancakes for breakfast over the weekend.