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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Have you had your "Bao Today"? 包今天 @ Marina Square

A weekend dinner with hubby.  We reached the shopping mall at around 5.30pm and started hunting for food first since we didn't really have a proper lunch in the afternoon.  At only 5.30pm, the restaurant was almost full but fortunately there was no queue yet.  With a mentality of a typical Singaporean, a restaurant with a crowd or long queue must be good, we decided to dine here instead of the Jiaxiang Kolo Mee restaurant opposite, which had only a few tables filled up.  Frankly speaking, I didn't come with a lot of expectation.  Although the restaurant has been around for so many years, this was actually the first time I was trying out the food here!  We got a table outside the restaurant, near John Little.

Since we were here at this restaurant, where the name includes "Bao" (Bun), we both felt that we might as well order some buns to try since they should be the restaurants' specialty.  I looked through their menu and they have quite a variety of interesting bao that I have not seen before.  For instance, the open-faced buns (Half a Bun).  When we were still flipping the menu, deciding what to order, suddenly one of the service staff put a glass of grass jelly drink loudly on our table and walked off.  I got a rude shock and also puzzled at the kind of attitude of the staff.  Fortunately, the other staff who served us were quite alright and even apologized to us.
Open-Faced Buns
Steamed Creamy Custard Buns
The buns had a tint of pandan fragrance too!

Beancurd Roll
 Cripsy Prawn Roll
 Glutinous Rice wrapped in Pandan Leaf
Probably we came with low expectation, we felt that the dim sum served here was rather good.  Thus, I would like to come back again to try their other dim sum!

Oh yah... I also want to mention that their fruit drink was not worth the price tag.  I ordered passionfruit drink and it was just concentrated fruit drink and tasted terrible.  Thus, next time when I am back, I will just order their milk tea.

Bao Today 包今天
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-234 to 236 Marina Square
Tel: 63362237

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