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Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Shower, Mooncakes & Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Holiday Plaza (JB)

Around noon today, we went to our relatives' place at Clementi to attend a baby's shower.  A sumptuous buffet spread was prepared for the guests, including crayfish!!  Also, our relatives engaged a lady to do balloon sculpting for the kids.  She was really very skilful and professional.  She could even make a "barbie doll"!  Other interesting ones are cookie monster holding a cookie, a cute man fishing and it comes with a little fish!

Christine borrowed this "barbie doll" balloon from one of the kids for photo-taking :)
The cat one also very nice :)  *Envy the kids*
Francis and I decided to make a trip to JB for a short getaway after the celebration.  This time round, I suggested going to City Square Plaza instead of Tebrau City to shop for mooncakes. :) We got to sample a variety of mooncakes at the mooncake fair, including some new flavour like ginseng charcoal and red yeast(??), managed to buy 4 boxes of mooncakes for ourselves and our family members. Each mooncake cost around RM 13.50.
After we were done with the shopping, it was still too early for dinner and thus, we carried on to the next stop - Holiday Plaza. Francis bought a few copies of Naruto comic, a new pillow and some food products. We shopped till around 6.30pm and proceed to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for dinner.

It was located next to Parkson at Holiday Plaza. When the menu was presented to us, I had a hard time to decide what to eat as they had quite an extensive menu, typical style of HK Char Chan Teng. Wanted to try the cheese baked rice but in the end, decided to order something different.

My order - Noodles with sliced beef
It tasted like those typical Zi Char stir-fried noodles but I didn't quite like the capsicum flavour.  Just my own personal preference.  The beef slices were quite tender so no complaint :P
I grabbed a bit of the cheese baked rice and it tasted so good.  I then took another spoonful, and another one until Francis gave all his remaining portion of the rice to me!... Heehee...
Francis' order - Cheese Baked Rice with beef
Yummilicious!!  I would want this on my own next time!
I checked out their menu for their outlets and realized that they have a branch in Bugis Junction!  I didn't know that... next time no need to go JB to try already.

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