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Sunday, September 26, 2010

ALIVE Gallery @ Downtown East, Dinner at Lemongrass

Met up with the gals today at Downtown East to visit the Alive Gallery which will be ending on 3 Oct.  With MOE pass, we paid $11 each (Minimum purchase:  4) instead of the usual price at $17.  Actually, for teachers, we could have gone for this exhibition free during the Teachers' Day week but we missed it due to our busy schedule.  For NTUC club members, you will get to enjoy a few dollars off too.
While waiting for Ruijun, the 3 of us took some photos outside the exhibition halls.
 Mona Lisa waving at us :)
Lijuan saw the following painting and an idea struck her.  She asked Shili to pose like the lady in green.  Haha...
After visiting the exhibition, we got to realize that the lady in green was not pregnant as what we had thought.  In fact, they were having their wedding ceremony being witnessed by the person in the mirror.  Oops!  We had interpreted the painting wrongly.
The "Alive" journey started off with some ancient Egyptian drawings on papyrus including animations and ended with some abstract art.  Of course, in between, there are many interesting paintings/ art exhibits with detailed explanations.  I had learnt many valuable lessons along the way :)

Somewhere near to the entrance, there is a 3D show on Apollos, Hermes, Venus and Nike.  We wore the 3D glasses and saw the 4 gods/ goddesses came to life and interacting with one another.  Oh yah, the brand "Nike" and "Hermes" are the names of gods.  Venus is a goddess associated with beauty and love.  In the show, she claimed that she had the perfect waist to hip ratio at 1: 1.168

I am sure many of you had seen the interactive Mona Lisa from the news.  All you need to do is to ask her questions and she will answer accordingly.  We were wondering whether there was a person behind the painting who was doing all the answering of the questions.

There is also this 'Spot the Meaning' game using the Netherlandish Proverbs painting.  This one was rather interesting and the kids as well as adults will like it.

Another highlight is Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" where all the characters in the painting also come "alive"!  Also not forgetting Michelangelo's "The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco".

No photography and videography is allowed except for the following 2 photo-taking points.  Anyway, I had forgotten to bring my camera and all photos here were taken with Iphone which explains why the photos are so pixelated in dim light condition.

 Both Ruijun and I wore green top today! and shorts!  Haha..
I am in the "painting"!
Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace at Night"
Another framed "painting" with Shili and myself inside, and 2 other kids at the back
The exhibition was rather interesting but I thought it may be a bit too high level for kids although many of the paintings come with explanation/ animations.

After spending almost 2 hours at the exhibition, we decided to have our dinner together at Lemongrass Restaurant.  The 4 of us all ordered warm lemongrass drink.
Pomelo Salad
Seafood Tom Yam Soup
Pandan Chicken
Pineapple Rice (Small)
Sliced fish with Mango
Another happy day spent with good friends :)

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