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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trip to Taipa, Venetian

From Ah Ma temple, took bus 11 to Taipa. Taipa is linked to Macau by a bridge. Reached Taipa around 6plus and many food stalls along the streets were already closed.  This time round, I didn't miss the bus stop although the bus driver was super unfriendly and refused to entertain anyone. I got to ask the passengers on the bus where I should alight. After dinner, I walked quite a distance to Venetian Casino. Haha.... made a boo-boo here. Saw a building that look quite grand and thought that was Venetian. Later then realized that building partly under construction, cannot be Venetian. Didn't go to the casino but the interior of Venetian was really very nice. The lady who was paddling for the gondola could really sing very well and her singing filled up the whole hall, very European feel.

Alighted at this ulu bus-stop where it is surrounded by a few food streets.  However, when I reached there, many shops and eateries were closed, not too sure why.  Business too good?
The restaurant named after the elephant.... Far back is a casino which I thought it was Venetian at first :D
Walking down the food street to find a good decent place for dinner.
Decided to settle at this one as it was not too crowded
My water-melon juice came with a nice curvy straw
Ordered tomato baked rice with pork cutlet
After dinner, the sky turned dark already.  I quickly find my way to the Venetian.
Caught a glimpse of Venetian Casino already, within walking distance.  Yeh!
Walk-through in Venetian
I love this shot best... like the artificial sky
The food court in Venetian, got quite a good variety but I am not too sure about their pricing.
Sneak shot of the Casino as I was travelling down the escalator
Think there are more than 10 branches of this shop in Macau...
I bought mine from here... :)
Took the free shuttle service from Venetian to the pier

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