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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tonkichi @ Takashimaya

Tonkichi is famous for their tonkatsu (Deep fried pork cutlets) and it is said to be very authentic. Many Japanese visit this restaurant at Takashimaya and thus, it must be really good right? This was not the first time we came here. Both of us had good memory of our first visit at this restaurant and we decided to revisit it :) Last week was really a very busy week for both hubby and myself and thus, we deserve to give ourselves a real treat! :D

Add the brown sauce to the seeds and the dip is ready!
Francis' order - Black Pig Katsu
My order:  Hire Katsu Set (4 pieces)
Hire Katsu got almost no fats and is very tender.  If you like the pork to be a bit fatty and chewy, then choose the Rosu Katsu Set.
Although deep fried, the pork cutlet was not at all oily.  It was very well breaded and had a nice crisp.
Very satisfying meal... Oiishi! :)

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Eileen. 静 said...

u tempt me with good food.. sigh.. i can't eat all these for the time being :P