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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Charlie Brown Cafe (Hong Kong)

I love to go to theme-based restaurant especially when I can take tonnes of photos there. After the visit to Modern Toilet restaurant, I was left a bit disappointed with the food. Nevertheless, this didn't stop me to venture into another theme-based restaurant - Charlie Brown Cafe!! Love Snoopy and his gang! The last 3 days in Hong Kong was pretty very much relaxed as I didn't really have any fixed itinerary. Read about Charlie Brown Cafe from a forum and thought that it would be good to start off the day with a good breakfast there :)  It was not really easy for me to find this cafe, ended up with a lot of walking.
Cheeky Snoopy...
Not much crowd when I reached the place, probably because it was a weekday morning.... found a cosy place to sit...
While waiting for my food, took a self-portrait with my Iphone :P

You may want to grab some of Snoopy's mechandize here! 
Before I left the cafe, I took a photo with Charlie Brown :)


Janice said...

how's the food? I'm excited to go there this oct 29, btw you look pretty :)

Janice said...

nice pics too!

Miso said...

Thank you for your nice comments :)
As I only tried their sandwich, I couldn't say much about the food. Quite decent and the portion was quite big. If you go with more pple, then you can order more varieties of food and share.

Hope you enjoy your HK trip!

david said...

As grown up, we all had some locked away childhood memory associated with many things such as first pet, first date or a favorite cartoon show. One can be surprised of the powerful emotional association once these memories were triggered by the unsuspicious sight or smell. South East Asia had a huge English speaking population and was deeply influenced by western culture through public media. One such popularity is the Charlie Brown cartoon and comic strips along with others like wonder friends, Snow-white, Transformers and so on.
Lately. I was walking along a popular tourist stretch along Orchard road for some bargain hunting for the festive session and the sight of Charlie Brown Cafe caught my immediate attention. It hit me with such strong emotions deeply buried inside and I cant help to wandered in. The setting was comfortable and with many striking Charlie Brown and friends characters in either poster or statues surrounding me with premium coffee and cakes to go along. I felt right at home and had my mental state clocked back to 30 years earlier where weekend morning ration of Charlie Brown cartoon is a must with sweet hot chocolate and breakfast served by my beloved mum.
Now. I all grew up with my own kids and Charlie my friend was frozen in time as an innocent boy and stay as my ever lasting buddy. There are three things about the new Charlie Brown Café at 313 Somerset, Singapore that strike me, its theme, its atmosphere and the emotional ties.
Charlie Brown comic was one of the few long standing production not aggressively commercialized like the big name, like Universal Studio and Disneyland and promote innocent, friendly and sweet setting, non-violent, non-aggressive, all characters interacted with each others based on trust and sincerity, this theme is long gone with the contemporary latest cartoon of which might have undesirable effect for children.
This particular Café had the Christmas Chorus at the background and serve a variety of premium coffee and snacks. With the festive session mood around in the corner and many shiny and eye catching session decoration (not to mentioned a huge Christmas Tree beside), the feeling of true meaning of Christmas comes alive, the spirit of sharing and good companion, sharing thought and so on. It's a perfect place to absorb the holiday moods.
Emotional association was strong, everyone can relate the sad and happy occasion in the 70s and 80s, All the buddies all grew up now busy managing career and family and Charlie was always there to offer you a slice of your childhood memory, for a 30mins session, couple of friends and hot premium coffee and snacks at your disposal, this is the best early Christmas present I had received in years.
In conclusion, a right café with the right theme, right refreshment and at the right location provide an alternative to celebrate this festive session. Merry Christmas to You Charlie and thank you for everythings
Charlie Brown Cafe In Singapore, first and unique Peanuts comic strip theme cafe in South East Asia. Offering American lifestyle experienc, providing a slice of childhood memory to young adults. 313 Somerset, Discovery walk, Orchard Road, Singapore. Now Opened.

Miso said...

Thanks David for the info. Is the menu the same as that in HK? What is yr recommendation?