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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Genting Highland_Day 2 (Part I)

On the second day, we decided to have Dim Sum for breakfast.  We went to this restaurant but the dim sum dishes were not very nice.
Carrot cake was too mushy
The Chee Cheong Fun got only like 3 small pieces of meat and a few corns!

After the meal, we went to the Chin Swee Temple.  There is a free hourly shuttle bus from Highlands Hotel to the temple.

Lunch at Mushroom Farm 9100 - Ordered Butter Fried African Fish. It was so good that we could finish the large fish!


adeline said...

Hi Hi im gg genting in May.
Just wana enquire whether the chin swee temple & the mushroom resturant is near to each other???
U went to eat at the restaurant after visiting Chin Swee Temple???

Miso said...

They are not within walking distance to each other. After lunch, I took the shuttle bus from Highlands Hotel to the temple. So you need to check the timing first. After that, take the shuttle bus back to the hotel.

For the mushroom farm, there is a number to call, then there will be a van to pick you up free of charge if you dine at theri restaurant.

adeline said...

OH~~~ so on yur blog entry... u took shuttle bus from hotel to chin swee temple then same bus back to hotel.
Then call a number to pick u from hotel to mushroom farm again???
Because i thought u walk to mushroom farm after your visit to Chin Swee Temple. hee... ;p

Miso said...

Yup. I went back hotel first b4 going to mushroom farm. Btw, the farm is quite near to first world hotel, u can take a slow walk there if u have the time. Enjoy yr trip! :)

Adeline said...

ok ok thanks thanks... ^^

adeline said...

Hi sorry to trouble u again. It is my 1st time to mushroom farm so clarify more.
U mean we can slow walk from First World Hotel? towards which direction??? Walk down from the First World Bus Terminal? Or??? Thanks once again.

Miso said...

Sorry, I had forgotten... you can ask the first world hotel staff, they shd be able to help you :D

Miso said...

Or simply call this number 0361012864 and their van will come to your hotel to pick you up for free if you eat at their restaurant