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Friday, September 24, 2010

Crystal Jade Ala-Carte Steamboat Buffet @ Tampines Mall

A weekday dinner with my colleagues. Their buffet starts at 5.30pm. We reached there before at around 5.15pm and the staff didn't allow us to go in. At 5.25pm, we asked again whether we could just go in and sit down first. The answer was "No" again. Must wait till 5.30pm sharp. :(

Finally, at 5.30pm SHARP, we were allowed to go into the restaurant.  There were 5 types of soup base for us to choose from.  We chose the pork bone soup and another type of soup with century egg in it.  The stock for these 2 types of soup is basically the same.
There is also a sauce corner for you to mix and match your favourite sauces together.  They have their speciality sauce, sesame sauce, belachan chili sauce and some other condiments like garlic, oil etc.
Each customer will be given 100g of fresh prawns, roughly 3 prawns.  I heard that different branches of Crystal Jade will serve different items for their buffet.  If I am not wrong, I heard from one of my colleagues that the one at Holland Village served "Xiao Long Bao" and another branch got Peking Duck skin.
Price is rather reasonable based on Crystal Jade standard.  Drinks is also free-flow.  I had the "Lingzhi Plum drink".  It tasted bitter and yucky at first, but after a few sips, it didn't seem too bad and moreover, it will help to aid in digestion.
I like their meat dumplings best.  The liver, however was too thickly sliced so I didn't take much of it.

Crystal Jade Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6788 0633  (They don't accept reservation for buffet)


lorelle ang said...

how much is the cost of the buffet and wad time does it close? i tried to find the details on crystal jade website but i cldnt

Miso said...

$18.80++ I think it closes at around 9.30pm. Do give them a call to confirm whether they still have this buffet promotion.