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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SUANTHAI - Home of Thai Cuisine @ Liang Court

Dad got promoted and he gave us a treat :) We didn't go for their value-for-money buffet. Instead, we ordered ala-carte and most of the food was really quite tasty especially the phad thai and the steamed fish.

Pineapple Fried Rice
Phad Thai
One of the best Phad Thai I had ever had :)
Olive Rice
Think I don't really like olive rice, just my personal taste.  I will just stick to pineapple rice in future.
Green Curry
This was the last main course to be served.
The steamed fish was worth the 20 minutes wait.  The soup base was like tom-yam flavour.  Shiok!
Red Ruby
There were numerous red rubies inside!!
Mango Sticky Rice, served hot
Durian dessert
Like the Mango Sticky Rice, this was also served hot.  This one was really sweet.
Dad and my brother
After dinner, we went to Meidi-ya.  Look at the mini can of Sapporo beer.  So cute!


Singaporefoodlover said...

the pad thai really looks nice, how much is it?

Anonymous said...

Love eating Thai food even though I can't really eat food that are too spicy. Thus, I always drink Thai iced tea. So good but also so unhealthy. It contains lot of cream and sugar. --j

Miso said...

The phad thai was really very tasty, think it cost around $8? Heard that the ala-carte quality is different from buffet quality, do take note. :)

Miso said...

Thai iced tea? Don't think I had tried before... Didn't know the Thai have their special iced tea

Anonymous said...

You have not tried Thai iced tea? That is a surprise! I thought it would be a must-order drink at a Thai restaurant. It is like that in the US. Give it a try next time. I much prefer Thai iced tea over HK-style iced milk tea because I can always taste the tea besides the sweet and cream. --J