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Saturday, August 21, 2010

HK Day 3 (Part II) - Modern Toilet Restaurant, Honeymoon Desserts, Langham Place

After a long day at the ocean park, I thought I could have a fun and good meal at the Modern Toilet Restaurant which I got to know through local travel variety show.
The seats are all toilet bowls
underneath the table is the basin
"Do not urine here
-  If you spoil the toilet bowl, you have to pay for the damage"
Quite an interesting menu
I ordered the Milky Hot Pot, recommended by the staff as the other two hotpots (Braised Sirloin and Curry Chicken) that I ordered first were not available
THIS WAS A WRONG CHOICE!!!  One of the worst meal that I ever had.  I only finished about a quarter of it and I couldn't take it anymore.  Although I really don't like to waste food, I couldn't finish this as it didn't suit my taste.  I even felt like vomitting after eating this.  This has definitely nothing to do with the decor of the restaurant or how it was being served.  It was really really the food itself.  It was like HL milk hotpot.  Eeek!  The beef slices were also tough.
Brown rice was also very dry.
Left the restaurant in disappointment, I went to Langham Place to shop and also have some sweet desserts at "Honeymoon Desserts" to round up my day.
Super high escalator
World Cup fever, even in the shopping mall
Honeymoon Desserts
My sweet little dessert came nicely packed
Very soft skin.. guess what flavour?
Hmm... it is banana flavour.  Nice!
and a glass of watermelon juice to wash away the horrible milk from the hotpot
At the shopping mall, you could find the 12 zodiac at different levels.  However, I couldn't find the Cancer sign.  Haha... so presenting to you the 11 zodiac signs:

To the topmost level - 13th level
There is a sky bar here, seems quite nice.  Didn't go up as I would not dine alone here.
Looking down from the 12th level
Snoopy Ladies' Fashion