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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Earle Swenson's @ Changi Airport T3

Our department lunch at Earle Swenson's at Changi Airport T3.  Boss said we could order whatever we wanted to and he would join us later..... we went ahead first without him first as he was still stuck in school.

Earls Swenson's is a "high-class" version of the normal family friendly Swenson restaurant.  As such, the price is also much steeper.  The main course comes along with salad buffet.  All of us ordered our main course, some ordered 2 to share around the table :P  By the time boss arrived, we were almost ready to order our desserts.

                                      Lobster Baked Rice                                

My Salad Bowl
Salmon with Herb Crust
Didn't regret ordering this as most of the rest ordered steak.
I also ordered banana crumble to share with another colleague
Sizzling ice-cream banana crumble
Asked the staff to help us take a group photo but we got a blurry photo to round up the session

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This isn't a high-end restaurant. I didn't see flame from banana ice cream crumble; thus, they didn't flambé it. Hehe...--J