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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2D1N Malacca/ KL/ JB Food Trip

8 Aug 2010 (Sunday): Went for a 2D1N Malacca/ KL/ JB trip with hubby and 2 other friends.  The trip was almost called off as we were unable to find a hotel at Malacca that was available over the National Day weekend.  Fortunately, our friend managed to book a night at Hotel Micasa, KL and we went ahead with our trip.  We set off at around 7.30am.

It was a self-drive trip and we had our breakfast at this place around Gelang Patah.  We bought our food from the first stall.  Hubby had to queue for his Nasi Lemak.  For me, I ordered Chicken Burger Special and I didn't need to queue as there was a special burger take-away counter.  :)
Hubby's Nasi Lemak
My Ayam Burger Special
For "Special", the burger came with egg and cheese.  RM 3.50
Whoohoo!  We reached Malacca!  Oh Yeh! Oh Yeh! Oh Yeh!
We saw the YOG bus too
Our lunch stop was at Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
Could find HK celebrity food critics Choi Lan photos everywhere.  He was always surrounded by beautiful HK female stars.  :P
Steamed Chicken with thick yellow skin
These chicken rice balls look like fishballs right?  I had tasted these rice balls once many years ago and I never want to have them again.  I don't like chicken rice being mashed into a ball.  I agree that they look cute and special but I don't think they taste good.  Thus, these were not for me.  I had a plate of chicken rice.
We also ordered a plate of roasted meat to share
and not forgetting my favourite Otak!
After lunch, we went around the restaurant to explore.  I liked the wall painting and decided to take a photo here.  However, I am not sure what the Chinese characters on the red pillar mean.
We went up to the second level too and there was a mini garden
After lunch, we walked to the famous Stall 88 chendol stall.  I ordered Sago Gula Melaka while the rest all ordered chendol.
The place was very packed and we couldn't find a seat.  Hubby asked for take-away.
Sago Gula Melaka - I like!!
Look at the long queue.... Really good business.
Saw this outside "San Shu Gong" shop
We bought "SaKeiMa" biscuit from here.  Yummy!
Surprising, we saw a even long queue at this chicken rice stall.  Have not heard about this stall but I think it must be real good as the people were willing to queue in the rain for this.
Next:  Kuala Lumpur


Charlene said...

i like san shu gong pastries! what's there at jonker street? it's supposed to be a tourist attraction right?

Miso said...

Jonker street is a must-go place when u are in Malacca. Great for photography and also many food places. At night more happening, with more food stalls and more activities like singing, dancing by the folks there..

Anonymous said...

Eating the chendol is a must!! I think you can also buy freshly baked pineapple tarts from some of the smaller shops along the street.
Ngium, ngium, ngium !!!!