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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tampopo Day Out @ Liang Court

Met up with the gals for lunch at Liang Court to catch up with one another and also to share SL's joy as she is happily 4 mths pregnant already.  :)  We were a bit kiasu and arranged to meet at 11.45am in order to avoid the long queue.  However, none of us except SL made it on time and we smsed one another that we would be late.  Haha... I was the last one to arrive and when I reached, the rest told me that they had placed their order.  They all ordered the same type of ramen, which was the Black Pig Shabu Ramen which the restaurant was famous for.  It was supposed to be spicy but my friends all requested that the chilli flakes to be served separately.  According to them, the soup seemed to be a bit bland and they all added lots of chilli flakes into the soup in the end.
I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen as I like fried pork cutlets.  However, I think this was a big let-down.  I would not comment much on the ramen as I think it was quite ordinary, nothing to wow about.  When I took the first bite of the pork cutlet, I spat it out as it was a whole piece of fat!  Eeeeek!  The other pieces were also very "fat" and hard.  So disappointing.  The soup was pretty spicy and I guessed all other tastes were already overpowered by the spiciness.  This bowl of ramen had failed to impress me and I am really not a fussy eater, really. :(
Clam soup
Service was ok although my bowl of ramen came first although I was the last to order.  My friends waited for quite a while for their ramen to arrive and they thought their orders were forgotten.  As most of the staff were PRCs, my friends joked that we were like eating in a Chinese restaurant, no "Japanese feel".  When eating the Japanese ramen, we all had the feeling that we were like eating Chinese Dan Dan noodle or some sort.  No offence.    
After lunch at Tampopo, we went to Meidi-ya to do a bit of shopping.  I bought a box of miso paste.  Craving for desserts as usual, we settled at Tampopo Deli.  We almost missed this place as it was located at a very secluded corner at the basement of Liang Court, opposite Meidi-ya.  We looked at the nice collection of cakes, tarts and puddings that they displayed.  We were like wanted to try everything out!  So, as usual, we ordered 5 different items to share amongst the 5 of us.  We were really very impressed with their cakes, very fluffy and moist.  Texture of the chiffon cakes was soft.  Much better than the ones we had at Royal Copenhagen. 
Pudding Tart
Mont Blanc
Matcha Chiffon Cake
Banana Chiffon Cake
Cream Puff
Photo with SL and Joyce :)
I also bought a cheese chiffon cake for hubby who was at home.  Would be back soon!


Wen said...

Hi Miso,

Wow you all really indulge on the cakes.

I thought Liang Court's Tampopo should be better. The one I had at Taka was quite ok. The pork was lean and tender. The soup was not as spicy too and very rich tasting. Anyway at least you enjoy the cakes.

Miso said...

The cakes were really good. We still "da-bao" some puddings and cakes for our family members after that. :)