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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Basil Inn @ Downtown East

We were officially off duty at 12.30pm on Wednesday and I left school at 1pm for lunch. Tired and sick of canteen food, I decided not to have lunch in school on Wednesday. Since we could go off early, I decided to go Downtown East to place an order for Mother's Day cake at Emicakes and to have my lunch there as well. Walking around downtown east aimlessly looking for food, I spotted this small eatery "The Basil Inn" near Cheers. Scanning through the menu, they have 1-dish meal at an affordable price so I decided to give it a try. I ordered a plate of Phad Thai which cost $4.50 nett. Think this eatery was owned and run by 2 Thai aunties as I could hear them talking to each other in Thai. Thus, the food must be authentic right? Hmmm...   Here comes my plate of Phai Thai, doesn't look very appetizing but tastewise, it was really quite good.  However, the peanuts had gone soft and this had somehow spoiled the taste of the whole dish.
The place is quite small and you could see the auntie whipping up the dishes in the small little kitchen just behind the door.  Also, there is no air-conditioner here and can get a bit stuffy especially in hot afternoons like these few days when the average temperature is around 34 degree celsius.  Therefore, it is not really a good idea to have spicy Thai food in a hot afternoon.
Read about this eatery at HGW and realize it receives many good reviews from many people about their good food and affordability.  Maybe can try out the other dishes next time with hubby....  Erm... maybe at night when it is cooler.


Anonymous said...

there is another similar stall in Tanjong Pager Complex. It's opening timing is from 1100hrs ~ 1500hrs, it's at the all the way in the back of the rest of the coffee-shop there is this Indian's Coffee-shop on the right... Blk No 7 Keppel Road #01-16/17.

Anonymous said...

Oh I've tried the basil inn's steamed seabass in lemon sauce and their pandan chicken both of which are to DIE for. And coincidentally, the pSA building one is run by the same folks!

Anonymous said...

oh and btw, this is how pad thai actually looks like. =) A famous chef once said, "thai food looks like hell on the plate and tastes like heaven in the mouth." HOw very true indeed...