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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Romankan Yokohama @ Takashimaya

I had made an appointment for hair treatment at Takashimaya at 11am.  This was the first time that I went to the Taka branch for my treatment.  My hair treatment package was bought at Wheelock Place branch and all along I went there for treatment.  However, due to busy work schedule (excuse?), I had not done my treatment for almost 3 months.  When I first bought the package, I was quite diligent to go for treatment once a week as at that time, I thought my hair loss problem was quite serious.  However, as my hair condition started to improve, I became quite slack and from once a week treatment to once in 2 weeks, to once in a month and finally once in 3 months.  Haha....  I think I am too ashamed to face my hair consultant at Wheelock Place and thus, I booked my appointment at Taka branch.  The night before, I actually had everything planned for the day ie after hair treatment, I would go to Tampopo for lunch (craving for ramen and Tonkatsu) and after that I would go shopping at Taka to use up my $100 vouchers which I had almost forgotten.
Hair mask

Usually the whole treatment will take about 2 hours.  Beside reading magazine, I can now play with my iphone to pass time.  I can even go online to chat with my hubby who is now in US on facebook chat!  Another good reason why I like iphone better now!  :)

After that, I went to Tampopo as planned.  However, even at 1.30pm, there was a long queue outside the restaurant.  I did join the queue for a while but it seemed that the queue was not moving after 5 minutes so I gave up.  As I would be dining alone, I don't think it made much sense for me to queue.  Thus, I walked to the Taka food hall at the basement and found this counter restaurant Romankan Yokohama.  Looking through their menu, I think their specialty is deep fried pork or chicken.  There were 2 service staff at the counter.  Both are "aunties" and one of them was dressed in those Japanese maid costume.  Erm.. a bit weird right?  But they are really very friendly people.

Deep fried pork cutlet set ($13)
Oh well, the pork cutlet satisfied my craving a bit although I was still thinking of having a hot bowl of ramen.  The portion was rather generous, both the pork cutlet and the shredded cabbages.  It was quite value for money.  However, do not compare this with Tonkichi or you will be very much disappointed.  I felt that the meat was quite tough (but still acceptable) and also wondered why they gave me so much shredded cabbages.  They didn't provide me with mayonaise to mix with the cabbages and I didn't know they actually serve mayonaise until the guy sitting opposite me asked the staff for it.  I put some of the brown sauce on the cabbage but it made the salad tasted weird.  However, it was too late when I realized that they had mayo as I was already full.  Thus, about half of the tasteless shredded cabbages had gone to waste.  By the way, they do serve ice-water which I also realized later.  I paid for another $1.70 for a cup of ice-lemon tea.

After this heavy lunch, it was time to shop.  How did I utilize my vouchers?

Lavender diffuser ($71 after 10% discount).  I had wanted to buy something like this for quite some time but the cost factor was a concern.  Now, since I was "desperately" trying to use up my vouchers, I bought this without much hesitation.  :)  Today is also the last day for Body Shop shower gels sales.  Bought 3 bottles for my parents.  Didn't buy any for myself as I still have 4 bottles at home :P

PS:  Still craving for a good bowl of ramen.  Should I go Liang Court tomorrow?  Hmm....


dot. said...

!!! phytospa hahaha I go to the same place for hair treatments! I've similarly not gone for a few months gosh. (Do you use their shampoo and ampoules it's good for inbetween treatments too!) Hahaha :D:D

mr. pineapple man said...

yummy tonkatsu :)

Miso said...

dot.: Yup! Phyto! I had been using their "Secret" shampoo and conditioner, didn't try the ampoules though.

mr.pineapple man: Your profile pic so cute :D