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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day - Dinner at Wo Peng Restaurant (MacPherson)

Together with my parents, we had a good dinner at Wo Peng Restaurant in MacPherson (very near to my parents' place).  I got to know about this restaurant through Camemberu blog :)   Initially, I thought of bringing my parents to Tao's restaurant as they have very good service and value for money set meal.  However, when I called for reservation, they told me that there is an additional surcharge of $10 for each person during this weekend due to Mother's Day.  I replied that in that case, we would come some other time instead.  After that, I was searching for a place to bring my parents to and it seemed that Wo Peng was the best choice.  Happy that I did not make the wrong decision. 
It is not easy to find a parking place especially during dinner time.  It is a good thing that the restaurant provides complimentary valet parking service.  The day before, I called in for reservation and I was advised to pre-order the dishes as well.  Thus, based on the recommendation on the phone, I ordered the following dishes:
Cripsy fish skin
Wasabi Prawns
    Charcoal Grilled Goose
After dinner, we went to Downtown East to collect the Mother's Day cake that I ordered from Emicakes.  At Downtown East, my mum also managed to get a new Nokia handphone.  She was delighted!!  After that, they came over to my place to cut the durian cake.

I would like to wish all mothers a very

Premium D24 Durian Cake
My mum

Sidenote:  Upon reaching home, I switched on my laptop and surf the net. Of course, as usual I will diligently check my blog and I can say that I am very lucky that as I logged on to my blog, I saw Camemberu just put up a contest on her blog:  I quickly commented on the post and I was the second person to comment! Thus, I am one of the winners!! Whoohoo!!! :)

Today is indeed a very happy day.

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