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Sunday, May 9, 2010

McDelivery again....

Another lazy Sunday. Had celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and I decided to stay at home for the whole day today. I called for McDelivery again. This time round, I ordered the Hotcakes set for breakfast and also McGriddles for lunch. Obviously, I made a very wrong choice. Why? I didn't know that the "bun" for the McGriddles is also a thicker version of the pancakes.  The Hotcakes which I had never ordered before were rather disappointing too.
Don't like McGriddles.  This will be the last time I am having this.  :(
I don't think I will be eating Mac again anytime soon after reading this interesting post from theMOOSE on an experiment with McDonald cheeseburger vs homemade burger.  You may like to check it out.

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