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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phin's Steakhouse @ Tampines Mall

I was quite glad that I could still able to watch IP Man2 on the big screen after so many weeks.  We booked our tickets online for the 9.35pm show at Century Square Shaw.  Before that, we had our dinner at Phin's Steakhouse at Tampines Mall.  I ordered the Beer-battered Fish-and-Chips.  I remembered this is the place where I first tried beer-battered fish many years ago.  Tastewise, it was still quite decent just that it was a bit too oily at the bottom and some of the fries underneath were soaked with the oil.
Hubby ordered Australian Grain Fed Tenderloin Steak Set (Medium Rare).  He then cut the steak into smaller pieces and "cooked" those parts on the sizzling hot plate which were too bloody :P
The set came with salad, soup and a small piece of garlic bread.  The soup wasn't nice as it was very diluted.
The waiter recommended this type of beer to my hubby to go with his steak.
IP Man 2 葉問
Still remember the exciting fighting scenes between Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen in "SPL" and was very impressed with Yen then.  But I think that time he was still not so famous.  This time round in IP Man 2, Yen had really made a name for himself and I still love to watch the showdown between him and Sammo Hung in the show.

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