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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tour around Marina Bay Sands

Yesterday night, my parents decided to go and explore Marina Bay Sands. I suggested to dad to park our car at Marina Square and we could take a slow walk over to Marina Bay Sands via the new Helix Bridge. :) As such, we also had our dinner here. We were not very hungry so we just settled at Jiaxiang Kuching Restaurant for a bowl of Kolo noodle each. Most importantly, there was no queue and we didn't have to wait for too long before our food arrived. The menu varieties are quite limited. For noodle, you either choose the normal Jiaxiang Kolo mee ($6) or their special Kolo mee ($8.90) which include abalone and fried wanton. I loved the texture of the noodle but hated it when I found a lump of noodles not loosened up properly in my bowl. I vaguely remember that I did have good memory of the kolo mee here and thus I recommended this to my parents. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the fried wantons dipped in mayo/ chilli sauce.
After dinner, we did a bit of shopping before heading to Marina Sands.
Walking through the Helix bridge is like walking through an aquarium, with many mirrors above you.
Don't forget to peep up to see the Marina Sands Hotel
We saw many of these with combination "g and c" and "t and a" on the floor of the Helix bridge and we couldn't figure out what are their functions.  Anyone can enlighten us?
One of the many "Joints" of the Helix bridge
The ending section of the Helix bridge leading to the shopping mall is still not ready yet but you can peep through the "window".  Haha... This photo is funny.  Only my mum is real, the rest of the "people" are all pictures.  From far, they all look very real.
More photos of the bridge.  All pictures taken using iPhone.  I was quite surprised that iPhone can still capture the following photo quite nicely.  I only brighten up the photo a bit.  Not too bad right?
Can still see all the construction work at the backdrop
A not very nice view of the hotel
Here we are... Welcome to Marina Bay Sands!!
Interior of the shopping mall
Most of the shops were not opened yet but you could take this opportunity to take photos with the beautiful advertisement boards... All branded stuff...
Casino... where most of the crowds gather...
There is a food court here at the expo but I think it is located here temporarily only
There might be a fountain here
The theatre
The Lotus-shaped Museum (Still heavily under construction)
The Casino
Managed to take a sneak shot of this using Iphone again
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel
"Wire-mesh" art piece hanging high up above the Rise Restaurant
Miniature of the whole Marina Integrated Resort
Very "Colourful" Business Centre
Ok... .This marked our end of our Marina Bay Sands trip. 


Anonymous said...

that bridge is design after the Helix structure of the Human DNA. thats why you see the letters G,C,T and A..human genomes.. hehe

Miso said...

OIC... Interesting! So they don't really serve any special function. Haha... Thanks for the info :)

Eileen. 静 said...

ooh.. i was there for the bridge opening but haven't step foot on the bridge yet. I may go this weekend.. :D

Anonymous said...

A stands for adenine C for Cytosine G for guanine and T for tyronine , and I think this DNA Helical combination is pattern after the DNA print of the Engineer who construct the bridge