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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eat, Shop, Eat... (Platinum Fashion Mall and Street Stalls) - Day 4

After the visit to the Purr Cat Cafe Club, we went to Platinum Fashion Mall for lunch and some shopping.  We went back to our favourite foodcourt at Platinum Fashion Mall for lunch.  We had stewed pork rice from Stall 1 and I would strongly recommend you to try this.  This plate of stewed meat was so tasty and cost only 45 baht (less than S$2!).  

 Again, we ordered a plate of oyster omelette to share.  :)  The queue was long as usual.
 I love this accessory shop as they have a huge variety of earrings design at an affordable price.
Some of the earrings and bracelets that I bought from this shop.
 We bought quite a number of interesting-designed T-shirts (more than 10!) from this shop.  It is located right in front of the escalator.  Each T-shirt cost less than S$5 and the colours don't run after washing.

After hours spent at the shopping mall, we decided to go somewhere else for dinner.  As we walked out from Platinum Mall towards the CentralWorld mall, we saw many street stalls and we decided to settle our dinner here to experience dining along the street in Bangkok.  We were concerned with the level of hygiene initially.  We continued walking along the street until the last stall (the stall nearest to CentralWorld) and observed for a while how they prepared their food.  Eventually, we found it quite acceptable and we had our dinner here.

 Salt-coated Grill Fish.  Do not eat the skin as it was coated with a thick layer of salt.  Dip the meat with the chilli provided for more flavour.
 The crab meat fried rice was also served with the same type of chilli dip.
After dinner, we walked over to Siam area for more shopping and photo-taking as this was our last night in Bangkok before going back to Singapore the next day.

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