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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chinese New Year Shopping at Woodlands Terrace 2015

This morning, together with our two aunties, my mother-in-law and cousin, we went to Woodlands Terrace (wholesale food factory outlets) to do some Chinese New Year Shopping.  This was my second time coming to this place, my previous trip was two years ago in 2013 with hubby.  Last year, I didn't get to go as the family decided to go on a weekday but it was a working day for me.  We reached around 9.45am and we saw many buses along the roads.  These buses were probably chartered by the Residents' Committee (RC) or Community Clubs to bring the elderly for a day of Chinese New Year shopping here.  We were lucky to get a parking lot just opposite our first shopping outlet here next to Old Chang Kee.  All the popular food factory outlets are located along this street.  Try to go early if you are driving.  Most of the outlets open by 9am.      
Our starting point was at the shop with many hanging Red Pineapples decorations.  You won't miss them!
 DJ Bakery
This was our first stop and I think DJ Bakery rented this premise just for this Chinese New Year period.  You can find many home-made Chinese New Year goodies from here.  We bought some "Nian Gao" and also Chiku (Arrowheads) Chips from here.
I bought a bottle of Chiku Chips and it is almost half gone by now.  There are super addictive.  I think this is one of the snacks that we should get as arrowheads are only available during Chinese New Year season.

 KSP Marketing Pte Ltd
We walked down to the next shop which specializes in Sliced Meat and Smoked Duck.  We got our Shabu Shabu meat for reunion dinner for the past two years from here.  This year is no exception.  Hubby also bought 2 packets of Smoked Duck Breast for $25.

 One pack of Collarbutt Shabu Shabu 五花肉薄片cost only $5.

Aunties bought some frozen abalones from here too.
 KSP Marketing Pte Ltd 
10 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738435

The next stop got everyone super excited because there was food sampling!  However, it was very crowded by the time we reached.  I did try the durian mousse cake and apple crumble.  
 They are not stingy with the samples as you can see here.  
 They also sell savoury products like bread, pies, calzones and pizzas.
 26 Woodlands Terrace

Singapore 738449

Li Chuan Food Products
This is the place where you can get your steamboat ingredients.
Li Chuan 
40 Woodlands Terrace, 
Singapore 738456

This is another outlet that you wouldn't want to miss!  We spent quite a long time here, getting all the fresh salmon, cod fish, scallops etc.  Good news for people not staying near Woodlands, they have just opened another outlet at Tiong Bahru.

 As usual, hubby bought the large tray of fresh sashimi ($22) and after paying, we ate them on the spot.  I tracked back my old blog post on Woodlands Terrace and realized that price for the sashimi had increased by $4 over the 2 years.  It used to be $18.
46 Woodlands Terrace 
Singapore 738459

After fassler, we walked down to a few more outlets before going back to the car to put all our buys in the car boot.

 Bee Cheng Hiang
  Our last stop is Bee Cheng Hiang.  This outlet is not along the same stretch of road as the other outlets above.  Hubby wanted to buy some bak kwa for the family so he made a deliberate drive here.

 We bought 4 packets of bak kwa (500g each) for the family ($90).
Bee Cheng Hiang 
6 Senoko South Road
Singapore 758092

Our car boot with all the shopping loots.  :)


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