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Friday, February 20, 2015

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok (Part I) - Day 3

After our lunch at Platinum Fashion Mall, we took a quick tour of the shopping mall without buying anything as we would be here again the next day.  Furthermore, we were going to Chocolate Ville and we wouldn't want to carry so much barang barang with us there.  We joined the short queue at the taxi stand outside the mall.  We brought along a map of chocolate ville to show the cab driver as many of the Thai people might not have heard of this place.  True enough, our cab driver kept asking us what this place was about throughout the journey.

After around 45 minutes of journey, we reached Chocolate Ville at around 2.15pm.  (Read on to find out why you should not reach the place so early!)  The cab fare was around 180 baht, not expensive but the fare from Chocolate Ville back to town was charged at a standard rate of 300 baht.
Upon entering, we saw these signages.  Oh no!  We were not allow to enter until 4pm!  The weather was so hot and we got to wait for another one and a half hour before we could enter!
 With so much time to spare, we took photos of the scenery that we could view from outside and also the mascots at the entrance.  However, it didn't take us more than half an hour to finish all these shots.

 We "sneaked" in this area and we found a few chairs.  I thought we could rest here but the staff saw us and told us to leave the premise. :(  While waiting, we saw a few buses bringing Chinese tourists here.  They couldn't enter as well and I seriously think that it was a waste of time for them as tourists to come all the way here and just to take photos with the decoration setup at the entrance and went off.
Not ready for business yet.  All the tables were still wrapped up.

 After being "caught" by the staff, we walked back here to get some shade while waiting for time to pass.

This is Part 1 of my blog post on Chocolate Ville.  Part 2 will be up next when we entered Chocolate Ville.

Chocolate Ville Bangkok
Address: Chocolate Ville, Kaseth Nawamin 10230 Bangkok Thailand.

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