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Friday, February 20, 2015

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok (Part 2) - Day 3

After a long wait, we could finally enter Chocolate Ville at 4pm.  As it was still too early for dinner, we went around to explore the place and took more photos.

 Guess where is this?

It was the washroom.  It was really very spacious and clean.
 Photo with Mr Snowman.  Surprisingly, it didn't melt under the hot scorching sun.
 There is a viewing tower here and we went up twice to view the scenery during daytime as well as night time.


  View from the top of the tower.

We didn't make any reservation (through their facebook page) prior to our trip.  It was okay though because there were lots of seats here and the staff told us we could just "walk in" and chose where we wanted to be seated.
 I chose our seats facing this view.

 What is in the menu?
It was mostly western fare.

French Onion Soup with a layer of cheese on top.

 These pork ribs were delicious!  Meat was tender and it was easy to tear the meat off from the bones.
 The seafood squid ink pasta, on the other hand, was a disappointment.  It was far too spicy and we couldn't finish it.

The place was beautiful especially during dawn.

 After dinner, we went up to the viewing tower again to take some aerial night shots of Chocolate Ville.

Cabs were aplenty at the carpark so you need not worry about not being able to find a cab to take you back to the city.  Standard rate back to the city was 300 baht.  They claimed that there would be heavy traffic at night, that was not true of course.  They were just trying to justify why the rate was more expensive than the fare we were charged from the city to Chocolate Ville.  Our journey back was very smooth and we reached the city in half an hour.  

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