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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2014 - Got my first "Running" medal

I am never a good runner but I got excited when I heard that there was a Hello Kitty Fun Run that would be happening in Singapore to celebrate Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary this year.  During the pre-registration period, I managed to secure a slot.  However, due to busy work schedule, I forgot to follow up and by the time I realized that the registration for the run was near to closing, which meant that my slot was forfeited and I had to pay the full registration fee.  I was still very keen to go for this fun run and I asked my friends whether they were interested to participate in this event.  Most of them were not interested.  Finally, one of my friends, Angeline told me that she had signed up for the event with her other friend and I could join them!  :)  Thus, I quickly went to sign up before the registration closed.    

My cute Hello Kitty race bib.
 On the day itself, as I was very far from the stage, I only managed to catch a glimpse of the two mascots at the beginning from the screen. 
 The run was supposed to start at 8am.  However, at 8.20am, I was still stuck at the same starting point.  Reason?  All the Hello Kitty fanatics crowded around the stage and continued to pose and take photos even the run had started.  Also, they sent runners off by "waves" and I wasn't sure whether I was at the fourth or fifth wave.  There were so many people in front of me as well as behind me.  It was rather frustrating that for almost half an hour, I couldn't see what was happening on the stage.

 The Superstars going up on stage.
 Waving to their fans...
 Luckily, I was able to meet up with my friend at the starting point here.
 Look at the gloomy clouds... We knew the rain would come anytime.  We were doomed... Haha... no umbrella, no poncho.
 Wefie with Angeline and Candy before the run.  I bought the Hello Kitty Specs at Rubi just for this occasion.

 Didn't take any photo after this during the "run" as almost immediately after we passed the starting line, it started to rain cats and dogs!!!  I didn't want to risk my new iphone 6plus by taking it out in the heavy rain.

Near to the finishing point.  After this, the situation was also very chaotic as many people didn't know whether there was a proper queue to get the medal.  It was quite an unpleasant experience at the collection point.  There was a huge crowd, we were talking about 17000 hello kitty fans here!  Also, the staff who were distributing the medals, didn't do any form of recording of who had taken the medals.  As such, some people took many more than what they should get.  At one point of time, they made an announcement to stop the distribution of the medals and you know what, Angeline and I were the next in line before they made the announcement.  We were of course angry and demanded them to give us our medal as we were in the queue for so long already and it didn't make sense for us to arrange another day with them to collect it.   
 Presenting you the Hello Kitty medal that everyone had been fighting for.  Some horrible people even sold it online for $50!  Oh well, I was still happy to be able to get the medal on the day itself and this is my first "running" medal.  Yes... I am actually quite motivated to exercise more, especially running, so that next time I can also take part in other running events.

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