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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

SOULSCAPE 2014 [Event Coverage]

I had blogged about the background of this event SOULSCAPE previously and I was happy to receive two VIP special passes for this fun yoga event!  I asked my buddy, Adeline to accompany me to this event.  Both of us had tried basic hatha yoga before and we would like to see the other forms of yoga during this event, which would definitely be an eye-opener for us!

Presentation by the organizers from intheLoop.

First station:  Surfset - Traditional Yoga combined with surf-inspired exercises such as paddling, carving and pop-ups.

 2nd station:  Primalforme
This was really very advanced level and these people could swing around the bar with so much ease!  I think none of the bloggers dare to try this out.  The exercises are designed to strengthen the core, encourage mobility, agility and build power.
 After that, we proceeded to "Rejuicenate"cold-pressed fresh juices kiosk.  I had a bottle of Coconut juice.  Yummy!  Great for cooling my body in the super hot weather.  Juice Cleanse programme is quite the "in-thing" now.  Have you tried?  
 Third Station:  Acro-yoga 
Combines yoga, acrobatics and massage where one partner supports the other using their hands and feet.

Fourth Station:  Slacklining  
After this, Adeline and I were free to explore around on our own.  There were other activities such as Stand Up Paddle Yoga, Hula Hoop etc.
 Acro-Yoga workshop.  Could see most of them having fun!
Way Better Chips that cost only $5 for two packets.  I bought two to try with Adeline.  Later part in the evening, Adel went back and bought 4 more packets!

 There were other activities for both adults and kids.  Making good use of different types of flowers and leaves, you could create colourful sand sculpture as you can see here.

 Getting ready for the Sunset Yoga at around 5.30pm when the weather was still hot!
  A rare selfie of myself :P
 With buddy, Adeline.  :)
 Ready for the first session of yoga.
 While doing the pose, I saw the beautiful sunset and decided to take up my camera to capture a picture.
 The first session was quite manageable and it lasted for about an hour plus.
 While waiting for the second session (Yoga Rave) to start, we munched on the two packets of tortilla chips that we had brought earlier from Le Bono.  This was like our dinner for the day.

Yoga Rave was more advanced than Yoga Sunset.  We tried our best but didn't force ourselves to do the poses that we couldn't do.  Towards the end of the session, some of the more experienced yogis attempted to do the headstand.

What was in my goodie bag?

This yoga festival was really an eye-opener for us and it was an afternoon and evening well-spent with Adel at the beach.  Looking forward to the next yoga festival.  But meanwhile, I should continue to practice the basic yoga poses diligently first...

Thanks Melody from intheLoop for the invitation.  We had lots of fun!  :)

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