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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant 黄埔庆鱼头炉餐馆 @ 28 Biz Hub (Chai Chee)

The 3rd outlet of Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat opened in Chai Chee neighbourhood area!  Another great steamboat option for the Easties! Yay!!!  It has plans to establish additional outlets in North-East regions of Singapore as well as overseas venture too!

The 15-year-old restaurant brand opens at the ground floor coffeeshop space taking up 3 stalls selling Whampoa Keng Economic Rice,Whampoa Keng Fish Soup Noodle and the signature Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat with other local famous Zi-Char dishes.
 Air-con seats are available next to the coffeeshop if you prefer to have your steamboat in a more comfortable setting.
 You can choose from 3 types of fish - Red Grouper, Bucket Pomfret and Bardan Sliced Fish (Boneless) to be cooked over the traditional charcoal-fired steamboat!  Definitely this would add to the flavour of the soup!

 We had the red grouper for our food tasting session.

Whampoa Keng Signature Fish Head Steamboat

(a) Red Grouper $40 (1-2pax),
(b) Red Grouper $50 (3-4pax),
(c) Red Grouper $60 (5-7pax),
(d) Red Grouper $70 (8pax++).

The fish was fresh and meaty and you could also find fried yam in the steamboat. Probably typical in a teochew-styled steamboat. The soup was sweet and rich, and the flavour got more and more intense. It was really enjoyable slurping the hot soup especially during cold, rainy days.

Whampoa Keng also serves many well-executed Zi Char dishes that you can order alongside with your steamboat.

PS:  All the Zi Char dishes below were plated elaborately for the food tasting session only.  :P

Signature Prawn Paste Chicken Wings
(a) $10 (1-2pax)
(b) $15 (3-5pax)
(c) $20 (6pax+)

Personally, I love this dish as the meat was really well-marinated and juicy. The exterior of the mid-wing joints was deep-fried to a nice crisp.

Specialty Tofu
The homemade tofu was smooth and it came with a generous potion of seafood gravy.

Signature Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs with Fried Cod Fish
(a) $15 (1-2pax)
(b) $20 (3-5pax)
(c) $25 (6pax+)

A slight twist to the standard Zi Char dish by adding in fried cod fish strips. These cod fish strips were really addictive and I ate them in between dishes as snacks.

Nonya Sotong
(a) $15 (1-2pax)
(b) $20 (3-5pax)
(c) $25 (6pax+).

Our table enjoyed this plate of nonya squid rings in particular. The squid rings were soft and the sauce definitely went well with our bowl of rice. Do give this dish a try if you are here!

Seasonal Vegetables with Scallops
 (a) $22 (1-2pax)
(b) $28 (3-5pax)
(c) $34 (6pax+)
Its colourful presentation will make it look great as a Chinese New Year dish.

 Salted Egg Yolk Prawn
(a) $20 (1-2pax)
(b) $30 (3-5pax) 
(c) $40 (6pax+)
These bite-sized prawns were fresh, succulent and crunchy. The amount of salted egg yolk sauce was about right, not too much. Again, another standard Zi Char dish that will not disappoint.

 Price List for steamboat:

Currently, there is not GST or Service Charge at this outlet.  Make your reservation through @hungrygowhere and enjoy a discount of 25% on steamboat for this outlet too!  I had enjoyed this makan session and would definitely consider bringing my family here for a hearty steamboat meal!

Whampoa Keng Fishhead Steamboat
28 Senang Road S416601
(28 Biz Hub)
Tel:  6386 3228 (for reservation)
Operating Hours (Weekday):  Monday to Friday: 11am to 3.00pm and 5pm to 11pm
                            (Sat/Sun/PH): 11am to 11pm
Capacity:  45 tables (Co-share with Coffeeshop),
                 12 tables in Air-conditioning room, reserved only for Whampoa Keng’s customer)

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