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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nantsuttei Ramen/ Octa Hotel @ Parco Marina Bay

Gathering with Shili (Birthday mummy) and Ruijun at Parco Marina Bay.  Shili and I made the decision to have our lunch at Nantsuttei Ramen since Ruijun was late.  Haha... A cute chef mascot greeted us at the door.  I think these stuffed toys are for sale too.

We couldn't finish the soup and somehow, we found that it was too oily at the bottom after we finished our ramen.

After a heavy meal, we still proceeded to Octa Hotel for desserts. 

We ordered 2 different types of parfait.

The ladies in white..


ice said...

I love the rum & raisin parfait at Octa Hotel! It's a towering parfait. (:

I'm heading to HK end of the year. Your blog is a great read miso. (:

Miso said...

Yup! I love the rum & raisin parfait too! Thanks for the compliment! Have fun in HK! :D

Anonymous said...

An cool weblog post there mate . Thanks for the post !

Aldora Kong said...

I have visited this cafe some time ago for dinner and i loved their desserts (only, sadly). I tried their pasta and it was the greatest let-down..

Pls do drop by my blog to read my detailed review of the place @