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Monday, April 9, 2012

Getaway to Malacca: Day 2 Part I - A Morning Walk in Jonker Street

We had our breakfast at our hotel (Mahkota Hotel). 

 After breakfast, we took a walk to Jonker Street again.  From our hotel, we passed by some shopping area and attractions.
 Sky Tower
 They have a "Newton" food centre here too.

New hotel in Melaka - Casa del Rio. I had wanted to book this hotel but it was fully booked on Good Friday.

Reached Jonker Street.  Although Chinese New Year is already over but you can somehow still feel the festive occasson here.
This time, we were too early and most of the shops weren't even opened!

The famous Jonker 88 chendol was one of the first few stalls that opened at around 9.30am. We didn't get to eat this for this trip as when we re-visited Jonker Street on the second night, the lady boss told us that the chendol were all sold out already, only ice-kachang left. :(
A little heritage park next to the chendol 88 stall.

Who is he?
Hotel Puri - Reviews for this boutique hotel are mostly quite good.  However, hubby said he would face parking problem, so we didn't stay here.
Entrance to Hotel Puri
Spotted a pure white building here but not too sure what building this is.
"Wing Chun" Clan - The martial art that IP-Man and Bruce Lee mastered?
Hokkien Clan
These clans will spring into life during weekend night with many different types of activities for their members.

Another clan
Chanced upon this shop that is famous for their durian puffs.  We bought 6 puffs to try, quite nice!

 You will have to finish this durian puff in just one mouthful.
Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

The Orang Utan House
You can find T-shirts designed by artist Charles Cham in this studio.  The designs are quite "loud".
Photography is not allowed inside the shop but here is the LINK to their facebook where you can view the interior of the shop and also some of the designs for the T-shirts.

The Baba and Nonya Museum (Private-owned)
We had quite a hard time finding this museum.  However, when we reached there, the doors were closed.  We rang the bell outside the door, a nonya lady opened the doors and told us that we were required to pay an admission fee to go in and got to wait for another 20 minutes for the guide tour.  We decided not to go in as no photography is allowed inside too.

"You can picture but don't touch me!"


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