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Friday, April 30, 2010

MacDonald's Quarter Pounder

Recently, MacDonald brings back quarter pounder and almost everyday, we will not fail to see advertisement of the quarter pounder on TV or newspaper. They had also invited food bloggers for a food tasting session. As I was doing my regular reading of my favourite food blogs: Keropok Man and Camemberu, their blog post on the quarter pounder made me crave for the beefy burger immediately.  Without much hesitation, I picked up my phone to call MacDelivery!! 

I ordered the Quarter Pounder Meal at $7.20 and also an apple pie for the following breakfast.

Actually, I felt that the quarter pounder is not really that huge and a glutton like me can finish it up quite easily.  Craving for Quarter Pounder anyone?
 If you have craving for Mac now, simply call 6777 3777 or navigate to MacDonald's delivery website for your meal to be delivered right at your doorstep! Delivery charge is $3. 

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