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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Circle Line - Kallang Leisure Park, Millenia Walk

Made a date with my parents again on Sunday. Met them at Kallang Leisure Park as I would like to take the train down to Stadium MRT to have a look.
Looking up from the bottom
and  looking down from the top :)
Towards the exit and took the sheltered walkway to Kallang Leisure Park
Told my parents to take MRT from their place too (their place is near to another MRT very nearby) but dad still drove over :( Reached there at around 12.30pm and we walked around the shopping mall for a decent restaurant. However, nothing caught our eyes. Although there are quite a few restaurants, but most of the restaurants are not very crowded and we guessed probably the food was not too good. At the end, we went to Koufu instead. In fact, Koufu foodcourt at Kallang Leisure Park has a good variety of stalls eg. Jap, Korean, Indian, famouse Hokkien Mee etc. Mum ordered from the Korean stall and she had the grilled Saba. Dad ordered Tandori chicken with naan. I just ordered a simple bowl of Katsu Don.
After lunch, we decided to take train to Promenade MRT station to go to Parco Marina at Millenia Walk.  Before leaving, I took some snapshots of the exhibits displayed at the 1st level.  These exhibits were from MovieMania.  Are you able to identify all the movie characters??
Dad drove us to airport road to park his car first before we all took the train to Promenade MRT from Dakota.
Interior of Dakota MRT station
Interior centre piece at Promenade MRT station.  Look like ultra big tear drops. 
Millenia Walk... Colourful ceiling
Many Japanese restaurants at Parco Marina.... will be back!

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