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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ban Heong Seng Restaurant @ JB

A very short trip to JB on Saturday. Left Singapore at 3pm as my 3rd auntie had to work till 2pm that day. Gathered at Ah Ma's house and set off to JB in 2 cars. We went Jusco first and my aunties could spend almost half an hour at the bakery shop! One of my aunties is taking up a course on bread making and thus she was sort of "exploring" the different types of bread that the bakery was selling. Out of the 3 bakeries at Jusco, we all think that Lavender is the best. Remember last time I blogged about the charcoal bread, now they have more charcoal products eg. charcoal doughnut, charcoal mochi. Think they also specialized in bread with red beans. I bought the sesame with red bean bread. I thought it looked very unique then asked my mum whether she wanted to get one too. But she said the bread looked ugly and she didn't want. Then I realized my other 3 aunties all got the same bread, and they bought many of them, not just one! Then my mum also went to get one in the end *lol*

We didn't have time to do shopping because we made reservation for dinner at 6pm. We went to that ulu beggar chicken place again. My dad over-ordered, 8 dishes for 9 people! Also, you can see mostly are meat eg. beggar chicken, beggar duck, pork ribs, pork trotters. Ordered those speciality dishes that we previously ordered too like the "fish", glutinous rice and the soup for our aunties to try. Photos taken using IPhone, resolution very poor :( Hubby took my camera to US so I will either use DSLR or IPhone to take photos for the next few weeks.

Click here for photos of other food that we had ordered :)

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