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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Chinese Musical - The Glass Anatomy 《搭错车》@ Esplanade Theatre


I was attracted to the trailer of The Glass Anatomy 《搭错车》and decided to watch this musical with my hubby.  I went ahead to book the tickets through the Sistic Mobile App to get a 20% discount off the ticket price.  

Trailer of The Glass Anatomy 《搭错车》

The musical was adapted from "Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing", a highly popular Taiwanese film that 
was released in 1983 and starred Sun Yeh and Linda Liu. Aside from the tear-jerking plot, the 
theme song “Any Empty Wine Bottles for Sale” written by Julie Su (Su Rui) was also a highlight. 
The movie bagged 11 nominations and four prestigious accolades at the 20th Taipei Golden 
Horse Film Festival and Awards. Following the film’s early triumphs, the plot was rewritten in 
2005 to create Da Cuo Ce (搭错车)–a 22-episode television series that was produced in China 
and starred Li Xuejian and Li Lin.

Uncle Ya, a mute rag-and-bone man, is always hopeful for the day that happiness will arrive. 
His dull and lonely life takes a turn when he hears the cries of an abandoned baby in the 
alley one morning. Under Uncle Ya’s fatherly love and care, the baby blossoms into a 
beautiful young lady, Ah Mei. Both father and daughter live a simple yet blissful life. 
Gifted with the voice of an angel, Ah Mei is eventually discovered by a famous record 
company producer and shoots to stardom swiftly. While Ah Mei lives in her dream, a ‘glass’ 
barrier has formed between her and the people she loves. Her beloved father, her lover, her 
best childhood friend, her hometown and the simple life she used to lead are slowly slipping 
away. As she shines on the glamorous stage, an ailing old man sitting next to the radio that 
is playing his daughter’s song is slowly passing on.

We watched it on 3 May 2013, which was the gala performance too.
 I picked up the brochure while collecting my tickets from the Sistic outlet.  It was very nicely designed, with a partly cut-out shape of a glass bottle, giving us an impression that the lead was trapped inside the bottle.

 Waiting for the performance to start.....  
 With permission of the director, everyone was allowed to take out their cameras or handphones to take photos at the end of the performance when he was giving the "Thank-You" speech.
Toy Factory Chief Artistic Director Goh Boon Teck giving his "Thank-You" speech.  He also mentioned that  this musical took 12 years to actualize.  
The lead role was played by chart-topping Mandopop Queen, Ding Dang. This is her first ever musical lead role and she really wowed us with her powerful vocals.

 "Frangrance" was one of the main sponsors for this production and they gave away bags of bak kwa at the end of the performance outside the theatre.  We each took a bag of bak kwa back.  I am not sure whether they are giving out free bags of bak kwa every night or only on the gala show though.

We also bought the soundtrack CD ($20) immediately after the performance as we love the songs in the musical.  The sound-track consists of pop-rock style music and melodious ballads. Some familiar hits include 
酒矸倘賣無” (Any Empty Bottles for Sale), “一样的月光” (The Same Moonlight) and “请跟我来” (Please Follow Me). 

The musical will also feature “有你陪” (With You Accompanying Me) – an original song written by 
Director Goh Boon Teck, composed by Benny Wong and sung by Della Ding Dang.  

 After watching the musical, hubby and I went to "Makansutra Gluttons Bay" for our supper.

 We ordered a plate of fried orh luak (oyster omelette) to share.  $8 for this, quite steep though.. but the oysters were plump and fresh.
Upon reaching home, guess what, we opened the bak kwa and continued our supper.   Sinful feast to end the night.

Date: 3 to 12 May 2013 
Time: 8pm (Tuesday to Sunday); 3pm (Saturday & Sunday) 
Duration: 110 minutes with no intermission 
Venue: The Esplanade Theatre

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