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Sunday, April 7, 2013

New discovery at Simpang Bedok - Putu Mayyam & Appam! [Closed]

Updated on 7 Nov 2013:  Kampung at Simpang Bedok, the first Singapore hawker centre run by a social enterprise, has closed down due to financing problems.

I was here with my hubby on last Sunday late morning.  We decided to explore the newly renovated food centre at the 2nd level at Simpang Bedok.  Dr Leslie Tay gave a very thorough background of how the concept of "Kampung @ Simpang Bedok" came about.  You may want to read it up HERE.

 I guess these 2 stall holders, one of them I think is the boss (the one in blue shirt), couldn't cope with the crowd and they didn't sell thosai and curry on the day when we were there.  They also seemed to be very stressed with the never-ending queue.  One of them focused on preparing and steaming the putu mayyam while the other, was also seen busy cooking the appam.  Although the queue was not that long, I did wait for almost 20 minutes before it reached my turn to order.
 This is a Putu Mayyam Set ($2.20) which comes in 2 pieces.
 I also ordered the Princess Appam ($3.20), containing egg, butter and cheese as I had never tried this before.  I liked it but felt that it was quite expensive though.
Do come out the food here and gave your support to these new stall holders.  Currently, I feel that the revived food centre is not pulling enough crowd yet and it seems quite quiet even during Sunday peak hours.  Hopefully, business will pick up soon and we customers will continue to get more options for food when we are around this area.

Kampung at Simpang Bedok
Bedok Marketplace
348 Bedok Road
Singapore 469560
8am to 9pm

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