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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Legoland Malaysia (Part I)

I bought the admission tickets to Legoland from at $39.90 each.  We didn't get the tickets that included coach transfer because hubby decided that we should self-drive there.  We reached our destination at around 10am.
Before we entered Legoland, we decided to have our brunch at the Mall of Medini, which is situated right at the entrance of Legoland.  From reviews, most of the food at the theme park were overpriced and we felt we should have more options at the mall.
You will find many familiar names here such as Secret Recipe, Old Town White Coffee, Shilin etc.

 We settled at El Migos since we had not tried this restaurant before.

 Mushroom soup was so-so...
 Hubby ordered spaghetti and steak.
I got a shock when my main dish (It was supposed to be a starter platter for many to share) was served.  It was a huge serving with lots of mushroom (although I love mushroom but this was really too much!).  It looked really different from the photo in the menu and we didn't manage to finish up this dish.

Finally, around 11am after a heavy brunch, we were ready to enter Legoland!

We did some "sight-seeing" first before joining the queues for the rides and 4D movie.

 Look at the facial expression of the lego-man... So funny!

 The lego-instruments are not just decorative.  Each of them has a sensor and thus, when you walk past a particular instrument, that instrument will start playing music.

 The legoland mascot!!!  I wanted to take a photo with the mascot but some people cut my queue.  I got fed-up and decided not to queue.
I will blog about my little adventure on the Dragon ride as well as MiniLand in my next post!  Stay tuned! 

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