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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Legoland Malaysia (Part II)


 We queued for the 4D movie and we watched the movie "Racers".  However, the show was quite boring and the seats didn't even move.
The Dragon
This is really not for the faint-hearted!
There is another dragon ride - The dragon's apprentice, which is said to be a milder version of this.

Hubby held my hand and brought me up here.  I knew this was for the roller coaster ride and I was really very reluctant to go for it.  However, to my disadvantage, there was no queue here and little time for me to react.  Hubby hurried me to get into the seat for the ride.  We deposited our bags and belongings at the "Treasure Chests" which were located next ot the ride.  
My heart was pumping very fast as I was really scared of the roller coaster ride.  :(
Here comes the Dragon Ride!!!!!
 As we slowly moved into the tunnel, I clasped tightly to the handle.
 Once we left the tunnel, I started to scream my lungs out and I didn't dare to even open my eyes! 
Hubby regretted not getting the photo of us during the ride.  He was amused by my expression in the photo.
Do you love roller coaster rides?

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