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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant @ East Coast Parkway

The birthday boy had a craving for chili crab and thus, he suggested Long Beach Seafood Restaurant to celebrate his birthday.

Cripsy Duck - one of Long Beach's signature dish.  This was really nice.
  The fish wasn't very good.
Long Beach's famous Chili Crab!  It had been quite a while that I had not eaten chili crab already.  Definitely must order the fried mantou which will go well with the sweet and mildly spicy chili crab!
Black Pepper Crab
Personally, I prefer the black pepper crab to the chili crab.
  How do you all find the design of the napkin packaging?  I find it not appropriate as it seems a bit "sleazy", call me conservative. :P
 An almost full moon on the night we were there.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
1018 East Coast Parkway (Next to ECP Burger King)

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