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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hill Street Char Kway Teow @ Bedok South Food Centre

Recently, I have grown an interest to search for "old taste" at the various hawker centres in Singapore.  I will definitely love to join any hawker food trails if any.  We made an impromptu decision last weekend to drive over to Bedok South Food Centre for lunch.  I remembered that we could find this famous Hill Street Char Kway Teow stall at this food centre and went to check out the stall immediately.  To my relief, there was a queue but not too long to dissuade me from queuing (We were there at around 11am, before the peak hour).  The last time when I was here, the queue was much longer and I was too hungry to queue for it.

Thus, this was my first plate of Char Kway Teow from this famous stall.  It might have failed badly in terms of presentation, but this $3 plate of yummy Char Kway Teow came with eggs, medium-sized cockles, sausages, bean sprouts and of course, the crispy, crunchy lards that were fried together with the flat noodles.   Yes, you can't escape from LARD here, it enhances the flavour of the Char Kway Teow!
Ok, before I started eating, I rearranged them a bit more to the centre.  Haha.....
 You won't miss this stall with the bright yellow signboard and with an almost perpetual queue most of the time.

 The newly renovated Bedok South Market and Food Centre.

Hill Street Char Kway Teow
16 Bedok South Road
#01-187 Bedok South Market and Food Centre

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