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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baikohken Ramen 梅光軒 @ Takashimaya

I was surprised that there was no queue at all on a weekday afternoon around 2pm.  My previous trip with hubby here, we saw a long queue outside the restaurant.  I quickly scanned through the menu that was put on the wall and decided to order Shoyu Ramen with 2 pieces of Char Siew.  I walked into the restaurant, wanted to put down my bag, but the staff told me to go over to the cashier counter to make my payment first.  I told her my order and she said the portion might be too big for me.  I replied, only 2 pieces of Char Siew right?  She looked at me again and said the Char Siew portion would be very big.  Ok, I would order the smaller portion with one piece of Char Siew. 
 Condiments at the table
 My bowl of ramen was served very shortly.  Where is the Char Siew?

 There you are!  You can see the size of the char siew relative to the bowl?  I guess Baikohken is one of the most value-for-money ramen you can find in Singapore.  My bowl of ramen cost $10.50 nett.  However, a pity that the char siew was not very tender.
 The ramen are thick and curly type.  However, I think taste-wise, it was just average.

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FoodieFC said...

all u need is a lava egg and it would complete the meal haha